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Navy Mistletoe Double Oven Gloves

Navy Mistletoe Double Oven Gloves

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These Christmassy navy mistletoe double oven gloves are handmade in England and are display my hand drawn design.
They add to colour already in the home, or add a pop of something fresh and bright if your kitchen is grey or minimal in colour. 
The mistletoe design would be a great addition to any kitchen, especially as they are such a practical colour. They even look great just hanging over the oven door, or lying on the side waiting to be used!

These gorgeous oven gloves would be perfect for a gift as a housewarming present, or saved for yourself!
Co-ordinate them with your kitchen and stand out from the rest with this bespoke design.

They also comply with British standards for heat proof items in the home and are 100% cotton and machine washable.